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I, a photographer doing my job, was among a group of peaceful protesters confronted by a much larger group of self-proclaimed nationalists from the Bajrang Dal. Nation-loving fists flew, as groups of thugs cornered lone students to teach them a lesson in patriotism. The police stood by, the smiles on their faces almost avuncular. I'm not talking about the assaults at the Patiala court last week but about depressingly similar scenes in February, 2013 when a group of mostly Kashmiri students gathered to protest the hanging of Afzal Guru and dared to shout 'azaadi'.
Despite having a camera squished against my face, or perhaps because of it, I ended up with a broken jaw. Forty days of drinking my food through a straw and I'm sure the Bajrang Dal thugs think an anti-national like me got off lightly. Maybe the guy who hit me from behind didn't see my camera but others with him did and quickly dragged him away, concerned perhaps at the repercussions of hitting a journalist.
The 'lawyers' at Patiala court had no such qualms. So few qualms, in fact, that they went on their hooligan rampage twice, throwing rocks and shouting threats at even those just standing near the court gates. The police approached their jobs as if they were wildlife photographers, unwilling to intervene in nature, to disrupt the food chain.
Grainy videos with dodgy audio, photoshopped images of other people's wars, alleged travel plans of peaceful students, parody twitter accounts, all have been cited as fact by important, responsible people like the Delhi police commissioner, Home Minister ,Rajnath Singh, various spokespersons for political parties and news anchors. Students in their twenties are being railroaded as seditionists and anti-nationals. It's been hugely dispiriting, and angering, to behold.
At JNU on Sunday night, the anti-nationals emerged after days in hiding to the fervent support of brave friends. It was a show of solidarity, of fellow feeling for beleaguered compatriots. A kind of national unity. After a directive from the High Court the two ‘anti-nationals ‘ Umar and Anirban joined fellow student leader Kanhaiya Kumar and are now in police custody. Here are some pictures from JNU from the last week.
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