India Coffee House

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Im not a big fan of coffee. My fascination for The Indian Coffee House is more to do with the ‘space’ that it cultivates.
Over the last many years Ive found myself pulled towards these old institutions, harbours of an old world charm that is rapidly fading with the spread of their modern, sanitised, globalized equivalents. Ive felt the need to capture the intimacy such places breed, borne off the vibes that the customers share with the staff, well acquainted with each other on account of years of patronage and the ease that it exudes amidst a state of general neglect and dereliction. More than just a cheap cup of coffee, India Coffee Houses have afforded a public space for people to chat, discuss politics, sports or just sit and procrastinate for decades.
My photographs attempt to encapsulate the essence of this endangered organism as it were, made up of characteristically high ceilings, sparse halls, teeming with members of the ‘lost tribe’, the original coffee-drinkers,who sipped their brew before a cup became a cuppa and the establishment became 'world-class.

The Indian Coffee House is located across India.
These pictures have been made in Bangalore, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkota ,Kochi,and Kottayam .
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